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Eyebrows and Microblading If you have light or non existent eyebrows, permanent makeup can give you the brows you've always wanted. Your brows will look real and never have to be reapplied. We have several shades and shapes to give you the right look for your face. Eyeliner and Eyelashes This is the most popular permanent makeup service! Permanent eyeliner makes your eyes look fresh and vibrant. It can also give a more natural or defined appearance for those suffering from hair loss or light eyelash color. Lip Liner and Full Color Our procedures can make you lips look fuller, smaller, or more even.
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Services we offer - Eyeliner top or bottom - Eyelash Illusion - Lip liner -Lip Color Fade - Full lip color - Microblading - Lip Shade Adjustment - Brow shading (Powder fill/Ombre) - Brow Combo (Microblading and shading) - Beauty Mark - Freckles - Scar/ Stretch Mark Camouflage - Areola Re-pigmentation
Is it right for you? You can have the freedom and confidence needed for your busy life. Ask yourself some questions to see if you can benefit from permanent makeup. If you answered yes to any of these, then you could benefit from permanent makeup!
Are you allergic to most or conventional cosmetics? Do you wear contact lenses that cause watery eyes or smudged eyeliner? Have you experienced hair loss from aging or cancer treatments? Do you have sparse or uneven eyebrows from excessive plucking or waxing? Do you have no eyebrows or lashes from alopecia or other medical disorders? Is it difficult applying makeup due to arthritis, tremors or your vision? Do you have thin or uneven lips that take away form facial balance? Does you occupation cause you to perspire or make it hard to re-apply makeup?
How to get your best Permanent Makeup Experience Choose a reputable professional studio. Look for cleanliness, good reviews, credentials, and a friendly knowledgeable staff. Get a consultation To know what you want, what will work the best for your intended result, and be informed of possible risks. Know that you may need multiple sessions for your desired look. Make an appointment Pay a deposit and arrive at the scheduled time. Save for it Know the cost [including tax and tip] at the time of the procedure. Mind your health Schedule your appointment at least two weeks before or after any type of surgery, cosmetic fillers, or laser treatments. Don't plan your procedure one week prior or during your menstrual cycle.
The day of your procedure Take the day of the procedure off, and possibly two days after. Be on time and ready to sit for a long period of time. No children or entourage, but possibly a driver. You must be 18 years old and have ID. You should be showered, rested, healthy, fed, well hydrated, and sober. No pimples, abrasions, or open wounds at the location of service - especially cold or canker sores for lip color. Trust the technician - listen to their advice but give input on your preferred result. Let the technician concentrate - limit talking, moving, and putting hands in the way during the service. Keep still and stay relaxed. Follow all after care instructions.
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